Automatically Exporting Cloudwatch Logs to S3 With Kinesis and Lambda

Amazon CloudWatch is a great service for collecting logs and metrics from your AWS resources. Previously it has been challenging to export and analyze these logs. The announcement of Kinesis subscriptions for CloudWatch enables a whole new way to work with this service.

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Selling Enterprise Software

Interesting read from Kalzumeus.

All internal users hate the purchasing process because it inhibits their ability to get work done. Successful Enterprise sales is about finding an internal champion who really wants your product like they want oxygen, and then allying with that person against their own employer. One of the easiest ways to do this is allowing them to exercise any loophole their Purchasing Department provides.

Because the whole rigamarole costs several hundred dollars in employee salary to approve any PO, most internal Purchasing Departments have a few enumerated exceptions. One is an upper limit on expenses a worker or low-level manager can approve on their own authority without ceremony, generally by putting them on a corporate credit card

As part of my job I am often looking at SaaS products. I like to do a bit of research here so I have a solid idea of how to use the platform, ie. become a better ‘internal champion’ when selling the solution to management.

I would extend the above concept in two ways

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Commbank: Your Australian Financial Operating System

If you live in Australia, or are moving to Australia the best bank for the technically inclined is Commonwealth Bank (CBA). This can be a little counterintuive because CBA is not a “challenger” or competitive brand. Their various rates and charges tend to be on the high side relative to these challengers. However their combination of internet banking, smartphone applications, super and share trading platforms is unbeatable. Behind the scenes this is because CBA are the only bank to have successfully migrated their core systems to a modern platform.

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Simple Reporting and CRUD With Active Admin

Active Admin is the best way to build simple CRUD’s to collect and report data. This makes it excellent for building internal applications and replacing the default internal application - Microsoft Excel.

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